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Transportation, Planning & Execution: TMS Logistics Software

Transportation Planning & Execution from Manhattan Associates is a sophisticated transportation management system (TMS) that can manage all the transportation management activities occurring throughout your supply chain network. Our transportation logistics software gives you real-time information and tools that help you plan, optimise and execute both inbound and outbound shipments -- no matter how complex your transportation operations, distribution network and supply chain.

Transportation Planning & Execution allows you to efficiently secure capacity for shipments across multiple modes and locations, as well as common motor carriers and dedicated or private fleets. It quickly identifies the best transportation management scenarios to meet your logistics requirements for quality, cost and speed.

Key transportation management benefits include the ability to:

  • Increase control of transportation spending
  • Reduce empty miles
  • Improve on-time performance
  • Track and trace visibility across all modes
  • Receive instant notification of delays, changes or other events
  • Maximise value for motor carriers’ contract commitments
  • Identify trends, anomalies and events that impact your supply chain

Transportation Planning & Execution links your motor carriers’ capacity and capabilities to actual shipments and enables you to:

  • Optimise orders for efficient shipment and route building based on business rules
  • Select motor carriers based on capacity commitments, contracts and rates
  • Plan and execute shipments with automated tenders
  • Enjoy complete visibility into all transportation activities across your distribution network
  • Receive instant notification of delays, changes or other events so you can prevent potential delivery problems

You can increase transportation logistics efficiency even further by integrating Transportation Planning & Execution with other solutions in Manhattan’s Transportation Management suite, such as Transportation Procurement, Audit, Payment & Claims, Appointment Scheduling, Dispatch Management and Yard Management.

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