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Slotting Optimisation: Warehouse Slotting Optimisation Software

Warehouse slotting—managing the physical location of inventory—is critical to your workforce's ability to fill orders quickly, accurately and safely. Manhattan Associates’ Slotting Optimisation software scientifically determines the best picking profile for your warehouse and enables you to make timely, intelligent adjustments as inventory trends change.

Our Slotting Optimisation software uses data on each product's physical characteristics and order frequency to calculate a relative value for each potential slot position within your warehouse facility. The values for all products are aggregated. It then compares millions of slot combinations against your user-configured strategies to determine the optimal layout for your warehouse.

As input data changes, such as seasonal ordering trends or new or discontinued products, Slotting Optimisation can incrementally revise its recommendations to keep your warehouse at maximum efficiency without costly overhauls.

Working with our best-in-class Warehouse Management solution, Slotting Optimisation can also track changing inventory to enable continual improvements. The software can be used from day one to plan racking requirements and maximise capital investments in costly warehouse infrastructure.

Slotting Optimisation automates and manages many critical warehouse slotting components, including :

  • Determining the best placement of inventory
  • Solving space utilisation problems by determining the appropriate storage capacity and volume-balancing levels
  • Determining the appropriate amount of racking and tracking type based on projected inventory levels.
  • Maintaining your preferred item sequencing and family groupings
  • Importing sample sets of data and simulated picking assignments to enable advanced cost analysis and determine optimal personnel placement
  • Capturing data and simplify analysis for tracking key slotting performance indicators
  • Recommending incremental adjustments as products are added or deleted, to meet seasonal demand, or to accommodate other changes as they occur
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