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We understand that your supply chain is a mission-critical investment. Our customer support and maintenance programs ensure that you stay up to speed with product developments and obtain the highest performance possible. First, we focus on creating a targeted service program that meets your specific business goals and needs. We then continuously apply best practices to our operational methodologies, technological advancements, and system reevaluations to ensure your supply chain operations stay optimised.

Members of our 300+ employee customer support team have extensive supply chain industry experience, average more than five years working specifically with Manhattan supply chain solutions, and provide ongoing services to help you achieve your long-term strategic goals and increase the ROI from your supply chain solutions

A key component in our methodology is called a Performance Analysis Review (PAR), an on-site review of your supply chain ecosystem that determines how our supply chain solutions are performing in relation to your business processes, and whether you are receiving all of the benefits available. During the PAR process, senior-level Manhattan consultants evaluate the performance of your logistics operations and changing operational requirements and make recommendations to ensure you are receiving maximum value from your investment.

Customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone, web or email. Manhattan customer support consultants securely and remotely access your system to perform diagnostics and troubleshoot cases, or provide on-site services around the globe if the need arises. Instant access to online support and information is always available through our customer extranet and knowledge base, MAGatew@y, as well.

For more information about our supply chain customer support programs, please contact a Manhattan representative.

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