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Consumer Goods: Respond to Increasing Complexity with Integrated Solutions

Now that you're competing against companies around the world, you've taken your supply chain global, too. Lower costs have come with increased complexity—and headaches. If you're selling in Europe, you need to have complete traceability for all your products from manufacturing source forward. Even in the U.S., the increased frequency of recalls makes it essential to know where goods in each crate at each distribution point originated. Then there's the complexity of offering pre-pack or assortment capability including size, colour and style and ever-changing retailer requirements.

Manhattan Associates' supply chain solutions for consumer goods manufacturers provide a simple path through all the complexity in the consumer goods supply chain. With Manhattan SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimisation—Planning through Execution solutions, you can ensure retail compliance, improve customer satisfaction, increase profits and reduce inventory levels and costs all while expanding outlets and increasing profits.

You Want It All. We Think That's Entirely Reasonable.

Manhattan's consumer goods manufacturing logistics solutions address all the supply chain issues you face, all in one integrated package. No matter what challenge your supply chain throws at you, we've got you covered:

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