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Life Sciences: Build a Safe, Compliant and Profitable Supply Chain

In the Life Sciences industry, safety and compliance concerns make effective control of your supply chain essential to survival. Like every business, profitability can't be left too far behind, particularly with demanding investors and continued industry consolidation. When recalls, counterfeit drugs and changing regulations make knowing where every pill, gel, liquid and product was made and where it was sold mission critical, you need complete visibility and management capabilities across your entire supply chain.

Manhattan SCOPE®: Supply Chain Optimisation—Planning through Execution solutions address the specific needs of the life sciences industry. By using Manhattan Associates supply chain solutions for life sciences, you can ensure compliance, increase security and improve tracking—all while minimizing logistics costs to make you more competitive.

Safety and Efficiency Together

You don't have to choose. With our life sciences-specific supply chain solutions, you can track expiration dates and enhance lot control and increase efficiency in your facilities and transportation. You can also:

  • Implement just-in-time (JIT) and track and trace capabilities
  • Coordinate and communicate effectively with trading partners with Supply Chain Visibility and Supply Chain Event Management
  • Use RFID functionality to improve visibility into your inventory, reduce product shrinkage and provide e-pedigrees to prevent counterfeiting and comply with regulations
  • Fine-tune your facility with Warehouse Management for a more efficient layout, well utilised resources, streamlined inventory and flawless order fulfillment
  • Optimise labour and facility productivity by measuring and tracking key performance indicators with Slotting Optimisation and Labour Management
  • Achieve multi-echelon inventory optimisation
  • Analyse investment opportunities to maximise profitability

Contact a Manhattan representative to learn more about our supply chain solutions specifically designed for the life sciences industry.

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