Inventory Visibility and Intelligence from suppliers to customers

Are you able to view your entire global supply chain, from source to consumption? Manhattan provides you with this capability. Enabling you to not only see the status of inventory coming to you, with event notifications; but also allows you to be able to allocate orders against what is on the shipment, and then follow it all the way through the supply chain, to the hands of the customer. Sell more, buy less – call us on 01344 318076 to discuss further.

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Profitable Multi-Channel Order Fulfilment with Manhattans Order Management

What is it? Manhattan’s order management solution optimises your inventory across multiple channels and provides a single, global view of your inventory no matter where it is in the supply chain; stores, DCs, in-transit or at suppliers. Meaning you are able to make the right business decision about how to fulfil customer orders profitably, without affecting the service your customer expects. Sound good? Call us on 01344 318076 to discuss further.

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Manhattan’s UK Blog is Live

Manhattan’s UK Blog is Live

The world of Supply Chain Commerce is full of possibilities, especially with today’s multichannel retailing environment. On our blog you will find our thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics that are affecting the industry today.

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